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Pilates Centered

900 N. Federal Highway, suite 100

Boca Raton, FL 33432


A true boutique studio offering classical pilates equipment and private pilates education inTower pilates reformer pilates, chair, foot corrector and Kathy Grant strap training


NO MORE large group classes!
Individual, duo and trio sessions in the classical pilates method of wellness, physical therapy, yoga and rehabilitative pilates provide a personalised program to help you reach your fitness goals safely, effectively and faster than large group classes


Functional Movement is For Everyone

Practicing movements that mimic everyday activities with mind body & breath is proven to prevent injury and improve overall fitness whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete


Why Top Doctors and Athletic Trainers are recommending Pilates for Health and Longevity

Functional movement with ull body integration of strength, flexibility & balance
to insure symmetrical muscle development during injury rehabilitation and injury prevention conditioning PLUS Increased breath capacity & lymphatic and circulatory health

Mitch MacQueen, CO

Summer is a phenomenal pilates instructor!  Her keen eye, and sharp, intuitive sense of how my body was moving through exercises helped me to understand so much about how I carried myself in day to day life.  I would recommend her to anyone!

Charlene Rowe, CA

Pilates with Summer is grounding and uplifting, just like a structural integration session! After a session my hips feel really light, I feel spacious, tall and free. Functional movement really works!

Paula Kramer, FL

I have been to several Pilates studios and have not been impressed with any of them until I arrived at Pilates Centered. It is a small, intimate studio with instructors trained in classical pilates and has towers as well as reformers for a perfectly balanced workout. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who is serious about their Pilates training.

Pilates Centered logo

Pilates By Reservation:  

Pricing Options


Individual Private 50 min : $120

10 pack = $1100  - $100 savings

5 pack = $550  - $50 savings


Duos 50 min: $145

10 pack = $1350 - $100 savings

5 pack = $675 - $50 savings


Trios 50 min: $165 single session

10 pack = $1500 - $150 savings

5 pack = $750 - $75 savings


90 min Private session: $150

10 pack = $1500

5 pack = $750

*** Ask about our 6 week semester for big savings ***

2 months of 2 trio sessions/ week for $480 / $40 / session 


*** Movement PRO community - special pricing ***

3 private sessions for $240

Pilates intructor instructing a client on pilates workout

Please email or text:    917-399-4669


Pilates Centered serves the Boca Raton FL area in addition to neighboring communities like Ft. Lauderdale, East & West Boca, Deerfield, Coconut Creek and more

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